Trying to make it as a single Mom

Three days of red spots, fever coming and going. a trip to two different doctors and finally a referral to a paediatrician. two trips to the hospital, turned away at first because medical aid doesn’t cover two general practitioners in one day.

Day three after borrowing money twice just to drive out to the hospital, turned out to be an allergic reaction to cinnamon 😒😒😒😒 After an hour at the hospital, discharged with R500 worth of meds at the worst possible time of the month. 😴

R200 spent driving up and down to the hospital and not a cent from dad, momma bear has laid out money, tears, nerves only to have papa bear say “what are you going to do” instead of trying to help me im left alone, to fend for my baby and get her her meds all by myself… Then i get told im the one being unfair and he keeps throwing me with 50/50 this and 50/50 that… Where the hell is the 50/50 in this, wits end barely sleeping and so stressed out trying to make it as a single mom. πŸ˜‡

Author: Tattooed Mom

A tattooed mom taking on the challenges of being a single mom and experiencing daily challenges of life.

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