Cake Smash – Energy Dash

You see so many cute photos of babies celebrating their first birthday through a cake smash. For those who don’t know what that is, its basically exactly that. The baby (now toddler) sits by a cake and smashes it, eats it and throws it while you pay photographers to capture the moment … well that’s what is meant to happen anyway.

I got to experience this exciting adventure. We got the privilege of working with amazing photographers, very exciting and passionate about their work and baby really opened up out of her bubble (for a few moments anyway) its fun we got a small family shoot, cake smash and then a bath shoot afterwards. The photos were great from the sneak peak i was granted.


You walk into the studio with a cake and props (if you wish). Your energy level is sitting on 10, at its peak, knowing it can only go down, yet you don’t expect it to because, its not about you really, its a cake smash for the little one … Not you … During the family shoot your baby is adjusting to the environment and you find it hard to get her to be camera ready. Half way or nearly at the end of he family shoot your baby starts getting very familiar with whats going on and is comfortable being with you and having photos taken. Your baby starts crawling away and jumping up and down laughing and joking having a blast😆. Then they start crashing, slowly but hard… Now you trying to keep them from crashing, trying to keep them still and happy while the photos are still going on knowing that there are still 2 stages left. 😴 Your energy drops when they get excited cause now you trying to keep them still. Now your energy is sitting on about 9 which isn’t a major drop. During the crashing phase your energy starts dropping even more. At the end of the crashing phase when the photographer is happy with their photos your energy level sits on about 7. Now its time for the cake smash, the photographer starts putting in background props and now you have to keep your baby happy when they really are tired of this whole thing.

You go into stage 2, the actual cake smash, with an energy level of 6… Not even half way down yet but you can definitely feel a difference. The cake smash is baby on their own, if your baby is like mine she doesn’t like being on her own for long. The photographer tells you The moment your baby wants to be picked up you go in and play with the cake, not picking her up because it ends the whole session. You think okay this might happen a lot, well it did. i jumped in a lot to get her to chill out, she didn’t even smash the cake at all. well not how i imagined it anyway…

half way through the cake smash you’re thrown in to help play with her and the cake, Your energy levels now drop all the way down to 4 and you start crashing. A few moments later we try to get the baby to be okay by herself again and by now the day is over for her, you get up and here begins the final stage. The bathing stage was the easiest and most fun, the baby splashes and has a blast then the baby gets out and starts to fuss, Now we start cleaning up and getting our stuff to go.

Now you have a tired baby and an hour and a half gone, getting to the car takes another 1 off your energy level and then you eventually get into the car and begin to leave. The car ride home is calming and relaxing then you start understanding why babies sleep in cars and your energy level is already sitting on 3. You get about 2 minutes away from home and you start crashing hard, your energy level takes a plunge and by the time you get home you are sitting on 1. Barley functional but happy, your baby passes out and then you’re left to carry on with almost no energy.

And thats behind the scenes of a cake smash♡ Although it is extremely fun

Author: Tattooed Mom

A tattooed mom taking on the challenges of being a single mom and experiencing daily challenges of life.

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