How to mom


A question without a sentence. How do you get up every morning? Well your body realises that it does not need to rest any longer and your brain tells your body to get up. How do you remember to do things? You do the same thing over and over and your brain tells you to do it again for example bathing or brushing your teeth.

How do you ‘mom’

Well im still figuring that out. Ive mastered how we wake up and why we go to sleep, how our brain remembers things and why our brain forgets things. However how to mom… so far I’ve mastered that your instincts are strong as a mom but not at first. For me i didn’t bond instantly with my baby, i nearly died on the operating table and my baby was wheeled out of theatre, being a mom never came to me in hospital. I was able to leave my newborn baby with my visitors and do my own thing, it didn’t really hit me that my baby was born and i was a mom.

A few days of being at home it hit me all at once and then i knew i had become a mom. A great movie I’ve watched 100 times has a great quote that reads: i fell in love with him like you fall asleep, slowly and then all at once. Well thats how motherhood hit me. So far my journey has been a roller coaster, Ive learnt that cries are different and mean different things. Different foods have different reactions. The cold makes babies pee a lot. The older they get the more active they get. A few odds and ends here and there but being a mom well the best and biggest thing I’ve learnt is nobody knows how to mom because everyone does it differently and its probably the only thing you can’t google an answer for. ONLY YOU MOM KNOW HOW TO MOM WITH YOUR BABY

Author: Tattooed Mom

A tattooed mom taking on the challenges of being a single mom and experiencing daily challenges of life.

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